rpos::features::system_resource::PowerStatus Struct Type

Contains all the data of the robot power system

Header File


Applies to

  • Slamware

Member Fields

* Once set to true, an external power supply has been connected to the robot power input socket.
bool isDCConnected
DockingStatus dockingStatus

One of the following docking status

Item Description
DockingStatusUnknown Unknown Status(Not supported by the current SLAMWARE system)
DockingStatusOnDock Robot has been docked
DockingStatusNotOnDock Robot isn't on dock
* Once set to true, the robot power system is charging its batteries.
bool isCharging
* The remaining power level of the battery (0-100).
int batteryPercentage
SleepMode sleepMode

One of the following status

Item Description
SleepModeUnknown Unknown status(Not supported by the current SLAMWARE system)
SleepModeAwake The robot is awake
SleepModeWakingUp SLAMWARE is waking up the robot
SleepModeAsleep The robot is in sleep mode
PowerStage powerStage

Once of the following power status

Item Description
PowerStageUnknown Unknown Status
PowerStageStarting PowerSystem is starting
PowerStageRunning PowerSystem is running
PowerStageRestarting PowerSystem is restarting
PowerStageShutingDown PowerSystem is shutting down
PowerStageError PowerSystem failure