rpos::features::motion_planner::GoHomeOptions 结构体

GoHomeOptions Struct packs the GoHomeFlag and MoveOptions

Header File


Applies to

  • Slamware

Member Fields

GoHomeFlag flag;

//go back to landing point after docking failed
boost::optional<bool> enable_back_to_landing_point_after_fail;   

//failure retry count
boost::optional<int> charging_base_fail_retry_count;  

*if flag is NoDock, This variable is used to control the position where robot should stop,
* For example: 0.05 means that the machine moves forward and stops at position 5 cm away from the homedock
* stop on landing point if this field is boost::none 
boost::optional<float> stop_distance_if_no_dock; 

* This value is used to control the navigatiom move when going back to homedock.
* [required firmware version 4.6.1]
MoveOptions move_options;    



类型 说明
Dock 回到充电桩并上桩充电
NoDock 回到充电桩前但不上桩