rpos::features::motion_planner::MoveOptionFlag Enum Type

MoveOptionFlag contains all available robot movement options.

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Applies to

  • Slamware


Item Value Description
MoveOptionFlagNone 0x00000000 No option
MoveOptionFlagAppending 0x00000001 A new milestone will be appended to the end of the current working milestone list. Current moveTo action won't get aborted.
MoveOptionFlagMilestone 0x00000002 Path planning will be preform for a milestone point. deprecated, please refer to NavigationMode
MoveOptionFlagNoSmooth 0x00000004 No path smoothing will be applied to the path been calculated
MoveOptionFlagKeyPoints 0x00000008 Make the robot always use a specified pre-planned path. Once obstacle occurs, the robot simply stops. deprecated, please refer to NavigationMode
MoveOptionFlagPrecise 0x00000010 Make the robot try its best to coincide to the target poinst with highest precision.
MoveOptionFlagWithYaw 0x00000020 Make the robot to trun to a specific heading after all the target points has been reached.
MoveOptionFlagReturnUnreachableDirectly 0x00000040 Once set, the action simply exit with error once the target destination point is occupied by obstacles. Otherwise, the robot will reach to another point which is close to the original target point.
MoveOptionFlagKeyPointsWithOA 0x00000080 Make the robot always prefer to use a specified pre-planned path unless obstacle happens. deprecated, please refer to NavigationMode
MoveOptionFlagDisableGoUnknownSpace 0x00000100 Prevent the robot from navigating to unknown space when mapping.
MoveOptionFlagWithFailRetryCount 0x00000200 Customize action fail retry times.
MoveOptionFlagFindPathIgnoringDynamicObstacles 0x00000400 Allow the robot to ignore dynamic obstacles and retry when searching path failed.