rpos::features::system_resource::BaseError Struct Type

Structure type to store the error message reported from the robot base.

Header File


Applies to

  • Slamware

Member Fields

*   ID number of a message item. 
int id
* Raw Code number of the error info. 
std::uint32_t errorCode

It encodes the following message:

|Bits|Encoded Message|
|`25~31`| Error level |
|`16~24`| Number id of the base part has errors |
|`0~15`| Error number |
*   Error Level.
BaseErrorLevel level
Value Description
BaseErrorLevelHealthy No error
BaseErrorLevelWarn Warning
BaseErrorLevelError Error
BaseErrorLevelFatal Fatal Error
BaseErrorComponentUnknown Unknown Error
*  Base Part that has errors.
BaseErrorComponent component
Value Description
BaseErrorComponentUser User
BaseErrorComponentSystem System
BaseErrorComponentPower Power
BaseErrorComponentMotion Motion Control System
BaseErrorComponentSensor Sensors
BaseErrorComponentUnknown Unknown part
*   Error code of the base part has errors.
std::uint16_t componentErrorCode
*  Description text message of the error.
std::string message
BaseComponentErrorType componentErrorType

Detailed error type of the base part has errors. Calcuated based on the combination of component and componentErrorCode

Value Description
BaseComponentErrorTypeUnknown Unknown
BaseComponentErrorTypeUser Unknown user defined type
BaseComponentErrorTypeSystemNone Unknown System Malfunction
BaseComponentErrorTypeSystemEmergencyStop Emergency Stop button has been pressed
BaseComponentErrorTypeSystemTemperatureHigh Overheat Alarm
BaseComponentErrorTypeSystemTemperatureLow Low Temperature Alarm
BaseComponentErrorTypeSystemWatchDogOverFlow Watchdog system triggered
BaseComponentErrorTypeSystemCtrlBusDisconnected Base connection has been lost
BaseComponentErrorTypeSystemSlamwareRebooted SLAMWARE has been rebooted
BaseComponentErrorTypeSystemBrakeReleased Brake Released (motor system bypassed)
BaseComponentErrorTypeSystemSlamwareRelocalizationFailed Relocalization failed to recover a correct pose
BaseComponentErrorTypePowerNone Unkown power failure
BaseComponentErrorTypePowerControllerDown Power Controller is down
BaseComponentErrorTypePowerPowerLow Low Power Alarm
BaseComponentErrorTypePowerOverCurrent Over Current Alarm
BaseComponentErrorTypeMotionNone Unkown motion failure
BaseComponentErrorTypeMotionControllerDown Motion Controller is down
BaseComponentErrorTypeMotionMotorAlarm Motor alarm
BaseComponentErrorTypeMotionMotorDown Motor(s) failure
BaseComponentErrorTypeMotionOdometryDown Odometry is down
BaseComponentErrorTypeMotionBrushStall Brush Motor is stalled
BaseComponentErrorTypeMotionBlowerStall Blower Motor is stalled
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorNone Unknown sensor failure
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorControllerDown Sensor controller is down
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorBumperDown Bumper sensor failure
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorCliffDown Cliff sensor failure
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorSonarDown Ultrasonic sensor failure
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorDustbinBlock Dustbin sensor failure
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorDustbinGone Dustbin is lost
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorWallIrDown Wallfollowing sensor failure
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorMagTapeTriggered Magnet sensor is triggered
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorMagSelfTestFailed Magnet sensor self test failed
BaseComponentErrorTypeSensorIMUDown IMU sensor failure
*   Number id of the base part has errors.
int componentErrorDeviceId;