Welcome to Slamware ROS SDK

Slamware is an autonomous localization and navigation solution for mobile robots.

Get Started

Download and install SDK

Please visit Support and Download section at Slamtec official website to download proper ROS SDK and extract it to your disk.

Directory Structure

Slamware ROS SDK is composed of resources and codes might be required in the development of Slamware and ROS based applications, and organized as following:

Directory Description
docs Reference documents
src Source code
--slamware_ros_sdk Source code of Slamware ROS SDK
--slamware_sdk Headers and libraries of Slamware C++ SDK

Development Environment

  • Ubuntu 16.04 amd64
  • ROS packages

Hardware Requirements

A Slamware-based mobile robot is required to use Slamware ROS SDK. It should be switched on and configured with proper IP address, which will be connected to from the slamware_ros_sdk_server_node ROS node.

Hello World

1. Create workspace

Put source code directory src into an empty workspace. Eg. catkin_ws, use catkin utility to initialize workspace

cd catkin_ws/src

2. Compile

cd ..

3. Setup workspace environment

source devel/setup.bash

4. Start node

Please connect to the WiFi hot spot provided by the mobile robot if it is configured in AP mode, and start ROS node:

roslaunch slamware_ros_sdk slamware_ros_sdk_server_node.launch ip_address:=

View by rviz

roslaunch slamware_ros_sdk view_slamware_ros_sdk_server_node.launch


Node Comments
slamware_ros_sdk_server_node Node Publish maps, robot pose and status, receives control commands